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How Old Is My Laptop

Last updated: Jan 03, 2020









Before upgrading your laptop, it is natural to ask yourself, “how old is my laptop?”

With software tools and technologies steadily improving, upgrading your laptop every few years to satisfy software requirements becomes essential. Hence, it is useful to learn your laptop’s age to learn about its capacities and prepare for a new purchase if needed.

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It is not easy to find out the accurate manufacturing date of your laptop. However, some simple-to-follow methods can help you in this regard.

Are you planning to buy a new device? Are you curious about the age of your device? It may be for any reason, take the help of the following methods to get an idea.

How Old Is My Laptop

Let us look at some methods to find the answer:

Serial Number of Your Laptop

Find the serial number on the bottom of your laptop. If you can’t find it there, check on the underside of the removable battery.

If you use a Macbook, finding the age of your device is much simpler. Find the Apple logo on your screen and click on it. An “About This Mac” section should appear. Click on it and find the serial number.

How Old Is My Laptop

Next, you will need to provide this number to the Apple website. An approx manufacturing date will be provided.

If you cannot locate your laptop’s serial number, there is no reason to worry. There are some alternative ways to find your laptop’s age.

Advanced Computer Dating

It is one of the most straightforward alternative methods to find the age of your device. You need to locate the BIOS installation date.

On a Windows machine, click on “Start” and open it. In the search bar, type “sysinf.” From the menu, select “System Information.”

On scrolling down, you will find the “BIOS Version/Date” field. The mentioned date is an approximation of the manufacturing date of your laptop. Remember, it may not be an exact date of manufacturing.

If you have upgraded the BIOS, finding the hardware details of the laptop will help calculate the age of the device. You can do this by looking under the “Settings” section of your computer. However, you will only get a rough idea of your laptop’s age.

You can also find out the release date of the CPU to estimate your machine’s age.

Is your Laptop Getting Old?

As long as the laptop serves its purpose correctly, there is no reason to worry about its age. However, with software being developed at a rampant pace, hardware continually needs upgrading. Upgrading your laptop becomes a necessity if you need to run the latest demanding applications or video games.

Learning the age of your laptop helps estimate its life. The hard drive and the RAM start to fail unexpectedly after a certain period. Moreover, the latest software may not work with dated hardware.

With this guide, you can easily estimate how old is your laptop. Learning the approximate age of your device will prepare you for unexpected hardware failure and incompatibility with the latest software.


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