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How Many Watts Does A Laptop Use

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Do you wonder how many watts does a laptop use? Power consumption depends on the build of the laptop (thin-and-light and gaming, among others). This post will help you estimate the power consumption of your laptop.

Their most useful characteristic is portability. Laptops are a revolution in the world of remote business. However, it is essential to learn how long should a laptop last.

Laptops have different life spans. However, on average, you can expect your laptop to last between three and five years.

Let’s begin.

how many watts does a laptop use


Power consumption is among the key factors when it comes to designing a computer device. Laptops can store electricity in the form of backup to give you the power of portability. Hence, it is natural to wonder about its power usage.

A laptop requires less power when compared to a desktop. However, even in a laptop, the power usage depends upon loads of different aspects.

For instance, the size of the screen and the demands of the user affect the power consumption a lot. Usually, a laptop consumes between 20 watts and 100 watts of energy. If your usage is super light, it may just need 20 to 50 watts.

Factors influencing power consumption

Here’s how a difference in components affects power consumption.

Screen Size:

Screen size is a significant determiner of the power consumption of a laptop. If your device has screen sized between 12 and 15 inches, it will use 60 watts of power. However, if the laptop has a screen size of 17inches or above, the expected power consumption is around 70 watts.

Laptop Model:

Power consumption also depends upon the type of a laptop- whether it is for general purpose or specific purpose. Gaming laptops tend to require more electricity than general ones. However, different gaming laptops come with different power requirements. Some models need 180W/hour, where some others consume 135W/hour.


CPU also affects the power consumption of a laptop. A CPU with more cores will consume more power.


Newer graphic-cards tend to be more power-efficient; however, they are designed to offer better performance. Hence, the power requirements largely remain the same across older and newer cards. Naturally, dedicated GPUs need more power than integrated graphics cards.


Did you know the adapter also affects power consumption? Different laptops come with adapters of various capacities.

If your laptop has a 15-inch screen, it requires a 65-watt adapter. On the other hand, a 17-inch screen device comes with a 90-watt adapter. The larger the screen, the higher the power requirement.

How Many Watts Does a Laptop use and its Effects on the Electricity Bill

The battery is key to making the device portable. Hence, you must learn about the lifespan of the battery before buying a laptop. Batteries are not going to serve you as long as the laptop.

You can expect the battery to last between 18 to 24 months. Batteries can be replaced – it’s the physical condition of the laptop that must be cared for.

how many watts does a laptop use

Modern computer systems and their displays are more energy-efficient than older devices.

You might have come across the power saving features in your system, including sleep mode. These functions will help you to save around $100 every year. However, the type of system and use also influence the savings.

Furthermore, the use of computer peripherals also plays pivotal roles when it comes to power consumption. However, the latest technologies make a tremendous difference in energy consumption.

Shutting down the laptop when it is in use will help conserve power. If you feel like the device is consuming more energy than needed, tweaking the energy settings of your device should help.


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