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How Long Should A Laptop Last

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It is impossible to go a day without a laptop, especially if you are a student or a working professional. Laptops are compact and lightweight, making them handy for both personal and professional use.

Their most useful characteristic is portability. Laptops are a revolution in the world of remote business. However, it is essential to learn how long should a laptop last.

Laptops have different life spans. However, on average, you can expect your laptop to last between three and five years.

how long should a laptop last

Two Measures of Lifespan

There are two prominent measures of a laptop’s lifespan: One is ‘operational lifespan,’ and the other is ‘useful lifespan.’

The first parameter measures the duration up to which a laptop can perform correctly – without the battery or other components wearing out. However, the useful lifespan tells us how long the computer will continue to be compatible with programs.

The foundation of the useful lifespan is the laptop’s hardware specifications. You can find out laptops with a life expectancy of over ten years. However, such a computer is not an ideal solution for running a demanding application developed just this year.

Most of the programs require a fast CPU and large RAM to work without any hiccups. An older laptop cannot catch up to the increasing demands of modern applications. If you are okay with the average performance, you can continue to use it for more than five years.

Planned Obsolescence and How Long Should a Laptop Last

Remember, your laptop can stop working before its operational lifespan. Planned obsolescence is one of the reasons behind it.

For instance, you have purchased a brand new laptop with loads of advanced features. It can become obsolete after some years since it would lose compatibility with the latest software. Many manufacturers in this field use this strategy to keep moving newer products.

If you have owned a gaming laptop, you might have experienced the same. Every few years, you need a new graphics card or a CPU to be able to play the latest games and run the latest software.

Although you can upgrade the hardware on your desktop computer, it is not possible for laptops, leaving users with only one option – buy a new laptop.

Moreover, heavy use and constantly running demanding applications affect the longevity of the laptop. Hence, it is better to uninstall unused applications to improve the lifespan of your device. Excessive heavy use may cause premature wear and tear, and you may need to buy a new laptop just two years after purchase.

Battery Lifespan

The battery is key to making the device portable. Hence, you must learn about the lifespan of the battery before buying a laptop. Batteries are not going to serve you as long as the laptop.

You can expect the battery to last between 18 to 24 months. Batteries can be replaced – it’s the physical condition of the laptop that must be cared for.

If you are a working professional, the laptop may wear out much quicker. However, it is safe to assume that your computer will work properly for at least three years before showing signs of wear.


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